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Pixyrouge Online Shop

pixyrouge online shop


Work Details

  • 600 hours
  • +10k lines of custom js&php code
  • +600 photo shoots
  • +300 photo post production retouch
  • over 300 tailor targeted seo keywords
  • Facebook Login integration
  • Custom Template
  • Custom PHP Modules

Milo's Bali Website

Milo's Bali Website

B Work Details

  • +900 hours
  • +5k lines of custom js code
  • Custom GUI layout design
  • Super fast loading
  • Ajax loads content on demand
  • Client side custom order list
  • Responsive Design

Geist Kontrol 0.1

Geist Kontrol 0.1 Lemur Midi Controller

C Work Details

  • 150 hours
  • +1k lines of code
  • Lemur Midi Controller
  • Control via Midi any Geist parameter
  • Slick Design Interface
  • Positive feedback by FXpansion team & Antonio Blanca
  • Designed with accessibility in mind

Poly Portrait Demo

Poly Portrait Demo

D Work Details

  • 24 hours
  • +500 polygons
  • +500 quotes of the day
  • Codepen Demo

Sneaky Peaks Music Player

Sneaky Peaks Music Player

E Work Details

  • 100 hours
  • +1k lines of AS code
  • Analyze audio data
  • 32 Band Frequency Display

Tetrahedron Logo

Tetrahedron SVG Design

F Work Details

  • 30 hours
  • Logo Design
  • Interactive SVG

Dollynoire Online Shop

dollynoire online shop


Work Details

  • 400 hours
  • 5k lines of custom js&ruby code
  • Webservices setup with a custom made worker

Nina Jarebrink Online Shop

Nina Jarebrink online shop


Work Details

  • Custom setup
  • Basic configuration


See the Pen Interactive Poly Art Portrait by Wayann (@wayann) on CodePen.

Nerds Facts

Yes I code with a Black terminal window
I develop System Integrators for e-commerce and develop custom solutions.
I'm a listed Shopify Expert & Prestashop Contributor.
I'm not an agency, I'm a lonely wolf
seeking partners to build a new e-com
platform using today's forward thinking technology.
If you found me you already did the most difficult part of the job.